Bryan D. Leys

How to Marry a Divorced Man


How to Marry a Divorced Man is an affectionate spoof of those classic guides to romance, featuring a modern career woman’s attempt to jump on the “better late than never” marriage-go-round.

After years as a freelance music/pop culture writer, Layla Diamond is promoted to magazine editor. Now that she has made it, she decides that she is ready to have a serious relationship. (READY TO SETTLE DOWN). But most of the men her age seem to be either losers, already married, or gay.

Layla consults her mother, a mixed up soap opera star, who confuses real life with characters from her show. Mother suggests that Layla should try to find a divorced man, one who has already been broken in. Shortly afterward, at a party, Layla runs into Bo, a very divorced sports agent. It is love at first sight, but there are problems, including two precocious kids and a dependent ex-wife (MY EX-WIFE).

Layla is determined to free Bo by helping his ex, Glinda, become more independent. She snoops around Glinda’s store pretending to be a customer and finds they have a lot in common, namely (THE GUYS IN THE BAND). Then, Layla hatches a plot to save Glinda’s business from eviction by fixing her up with Whitman Ginsberg, a rich, cute guy on the Landmarks Preservation Committee. The farce begins when Layla takes on another identity and it escalates when Whitman falls for Layla instead of Glinda.

Bo’s kids, Kevin and Molly, are both problems. Molly pretends to be sweet but secretly tries to sabotage Layla’s relationship with her father (CAN I GO, TOO?). Kevin, a high school Romeo, sees Layla as a super-sexy older woman. Complicating matters further, Kevin has come to know Layla as one of his mother’s supposed friends, the sophisticated Monique. (UNIQUELY MONIQUE).

With everyone thinking Layla is a different person, things quickly go from bad to worse. After a meeting at their son’s school, Bo and Glinda seem to be heading towards possible reconciliation. (THE BEST FOR YOU). Layla’s deceptions unravel and all her alternate identities are exposed (THE OTHER WOMAN). Pursued by the single and available Whitman, Layla begins to wonder if this complicated relationship with Bo is worth it (FAIRY TALES AND LIES).

But eventually, she decides that Bo is worth having. She comes back determined to take on Molly, Kevin and Glinda to win her man. And along the way, she realizes that a relationship, especially with a divorced man involved, requires a few (ACCOMODATIONS).

Cast of Characters

Played by a cast of seven (five with doubling). It features a rock and country score and requires only a simple set.

Layla Diamond A rock and roll reporter looking to settle down, late 30's.
Grace Diamond Layla's mother, a daytime soap actress with a loose grip on reality, 60's.
Bo Sports agent, divorced, potential husband, late 30's.
Molly Bo's daughter; smart, precocious, and perhaps a touch psychotic, 14.
Glenda Bo's ex-wife. An ex-punk rocker with needs, late 30's.
Kevin Bo's son. A prep school brat and Romeo, 16.
Whitman R. Ginsberg Member of the Landmarks Preservation Committee, looking for love, 30's.

Music Excerpts

Music and lyrics by Clare Cooper